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Access: Toll Free: (866) 459-2345

Even when you’re not near one of our branches, your Schools FCU account is always convenient. Our electronic services allow you to manage and access your account from anywhere in the world.

Free eBanking

Turn any web-enabled computer into a 24-hour Schools FCU branch by logging onto our secure eBanking site. Get account information and conduct transactions anytime.

Free Bill Pay

Use Bill Pay, accessible through eBanking, to make online payments to virtually any creditor, on a one-time or recurring basis. It’s quick, easy, reduces postage costs and can prevent NSF fees.

Free TouchTone Teller

(866) 459-2345, Option 1

Get account information and perform transactions by phone at your convenience. Simply call TouchTone Teller, enter your account number and PIN, and follow the audio prompts.

  • Hear current balances
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Review recent transactions
  • Get loan payment due date/payoff information
  • Make loan payments
  • Hear year-to-date dividend and interest information
  • And much more

TouchTone Teller is a free service of Schools FCU.

VISA® Debit Card

Our VISA Debit Card pays like a paper check, and is accepted across town, throughout the nation and worldwide — wherever VISA Debit Cards are welcome. Just swipe it at the register and the amount of your purchase will be electronically debited from your checking account. It’s less hassle than writing paper checks, lets you carry less cash, and because you’re using money already in your account instead of taking a credit advance, there are never any interest charges.

It’s also an ATM card that lets you withdraw cash at any ATM displaying one of these logos:

More Surcharge-Free ATMs Than Any Bank

Get surcharge-free cash when and where you need it, wherever you see the CO-OP Network logo. There are more than 30,000 CO-OP Network ATMs (inlcuding participating 7-Eleven Stores and Walgreens) in 50 states — more than even the big banks have:

Find the nearest free CO-OP ATMs anytime:

  • Online
  • By phone: (888) 748-3266
  • Or at the nearest 7-Eleven
  • Download the "CO-OP ATM LOCATOR" app from the App Store and Google Play Market

Cash Back On Purchases

Get cash at supermarkets, department stores and thousands of other businesses when you pay with your Visa Debit Card or ATM card. Simply choose "Debit/ATM" instead of "Credit" and ask for cash back. Getting cash from a participating retailer is a safe alternative to ATMs, especially when you need cash at night and the nearest ATM is poorly lit or you’re uncomfortable with the area.

Sign Or Use Your PIN?

There’s a reason you’re asked to choose Credit or Debit when you use your debit card. It’s because you have a choice. Most people choose Debit and enter their PIN to pay for the purchases. If you choose Credit, you sign for your purchases. But which is the best choice?

If you don’t need cash back, always choose Credit and sign for your purchases. Your Credit purchases are protected against fraud by VISA. That means zero liability in case of fraudulent use, and you can dispute a transaction if you are not satisfied, just the same as with a credit card purchase. Debit purchases don’t have this protection. Remember, SIGN — DON’T PIN.

CU Service Centers

Schools Adds More Than 6,800 New Branches

Schools FCU has joined CU Service Centers, a national network of credit unions that can process transactions for each other’s members. Visit any location in 50 states to withdraw cash, make loan payments, get current account balances and more, just as if you were in one of our branches. Find the nearest CU Service Centers location online, or call (888) 287-9475.

Direct Deposit

Stop standing in line to cash your paycheck. Instead, have your net pay deposited into your Schools FCU account electronically on payday. No checks to misplace, no time wasted. Ask your payroll department to arrange Direct Deposit.

Direct Deposit Of Social Security 
And SSI Payments

Go direct to safeguard your money and your identity.

  • Safety. You are protected against fraud and identity theft.
  • Security. No direct deposit payment has ever been lost or stolen.
  • Control. Your money is there when you need it.

Sign up for Direct Deposit online. Or call the toll-free helpline at (800) 333-1795.

Payroll Deduction

Pay yourself first with Payroll Deduction. Any amount you designate will be deducted from your paycheck, sent electronically to your Schools FCU account, and distributed as you choose between savings, checking and loans. Call (866) 459-2345 for more information.

Wiring Funds (Incoming)

Transferring funds from another financial institution to your Schools FCU account? You'll need to provide the information below to ensure that the transfer is routed correctly. For a member to wire funds to Schools FCU from another institution, the following instructions must be given to the wiring institution.

Wire funds to: 

Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union
6801 Parkwood Blvd
Plano, TX 75024
Routing/Transit Number: 311990511

Further Credit to:

Schools Federal Credit Union
Account Number: 322078257
Your Name
Your Member Number