We Turned 82! Annual Meeting of Members

We miss seeing you and loved the moments where we met other members during our festive Annual Meetings in the past! As much as we tried planning for a more cheerful event, we’ve decided to meet virtually this year because of ongoing and unforeseen constraints caused by the pandemic. But don’t worry, we have plans to make this year’s meeting be as exciting as possible! We will have several opportunity drawings for you to claim one of several prizes throughout the meeting. Be sure that we have your most current email address on file and reserve your spot to attend as soon as you receive the invite.

And by the way… we’re already planning for next year’s meeting and we hope we can meet in person.

When Is the Meeting?

The 2022 Annual Meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 24, 2022, at 5:30 pm. We will update this page along with emails to current members with instructions on how you can reserve your spot to attend the meeting. We strongly suggest that you register to attend as soon as possible so that we may include you to win one of several prizes.


What’s the Meeting For?

We want to showcase how your credit union is doing. We know you have choices, and we are thankful for your continuous support. You’ll also be able to meet the dedicated volunteers (Board and Supervisory Committee Members) and staff members, including those in the leadership team. This is an awesome way to put a face to those with who you may have interacted using our remote channels.

We’ll also be announcing who will fill in the two (2) seats that are scheduled for nomination to serve a three (3) year term as a Board Member. The Nominating Committee has nominated the following incumbents to serve as a volunteer for a new term:

  • Jeanette Gordon, CFO at LACCD and current Treasurer
  • Karen Hemingway, retired LAUSD and LACCD employee, and current Vice-Chair

Would You Like to Volunteer?

Additional nominees must go through the petition process in which 200 signatures from active members in good standing must be collected. There will be no nominations from the floor during the Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 24, 2022. All completed application(s) to be considered by petition along with verifiable petitioners must be received by Friday, April 15, 2022.

Although the Nominating Committee has already chosen their nominees to serve new terms, the Credit Union will continue to collect applications from those interested in serving. The Committee will review your qualifications for future vacant seats or possibly serve in other capacities as a volunteer. A member from the Nominating Committee or designee will contact you to go over the next steps.