GreenPath: Holiday Budget

5 Spending Tips to Bring You Less Stress (and More Joy!) This Holiday Season

Set a Holiday Spending Limit

During the holidays, it can be easy to let spending get out of control. Put a cap on your spending by creating a holiday budget/spending plan. Be sure to factor in additional non-gift related expenses that can easily add up—things like holiday photos, decorations, food, and if your family gathering is canceled, shipping of gifts to loved ones.

Avoid Putting Holiday Debt on Credit Cards

Avoid spending money you don’t have. While it’s easy to do, putting holiday spending on credit cards can be risky—especially if you don’t have the funds to pay it off when the bill comes due.

Trade Pricey for Priceless

A great gift doesn’t have to be expensive. Think outside the box and treat your loved ones to a thoughtful gift that generates excitement without the price tag. Maybe that’s a handmade item, DIY project, a fun experience, a coupon book, or just the gift of your time.

Keep Your Personal Info Safe

The holiday season is a time when people are more vulnerable to identity theft scams. Not only are they making more purchases than at any other time of year, but they are often distracted when doing so.

If you do find yourself the victim of identity theft, here are some important steps to take.

Stay the Course with Free Financial Counseling from GreenPath

If you are caught up in the holiday frenzy, and you are stressed about overspending, the counselors at GreenPath can help. In fact, 90% of people surveyed report feeling better prepared to handle their finances after speaking with a financial counselor.

Get ahead of your holiday finances and connect with a counselor today —it’s free, no pressure, and 100% confidential.

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