Instant Alerts

eAlerts are easy to set up!   Go to the Info Center, then eAlerts Subscriptions to set up eAlerts.  You can set them up on Mobile App.

eAlerts alert you if certain conditions exist on your account, for example, that your account balance has fallen below a certain level, an ACH transaction has been posted to your account, or that your loan payment is due.  

  • ACH eAlerts can be set up for incoming (and outgoing) ACH transactions.  ACH eAlerts are queued when the transaction is made and are sent within the half hour. Know that your direct deposit was posted…or that stimulus check!  Don’t check multiple times to see if you have been paid…use eAlerts!
  • NOTE: Balance eAlerts are usually sent about every half hour, although this can vary occasionally based on system activity levels.
  • Other eAlerts are scheduled according to the type of activity.

There are several ways to deliver your eAlert. Note, a valid email is required to receive email notifications or if you select “send a complete alert via email only.”  

  • Only Secure Message Center – If you select this option, you will only receive an alert in your Secure Message Center.  No email notification is sent.
  • Secure Message Center with email reminder– If you select this option, you will receive an email notification alerting you that you have received an alert and that you should log onto your Secure Message Center to read it.e
  • Text Alerts Receive a text message when certain transactions or account activity happens.

Know when your debit or credit card is being used with Push Alerts!

  • Sign in to eBanking from the Mobile App
  • Select “More” from the menu option
  • Select “Manage My Card”
  • Select the card you’d like to receive notifications for
  • Select “Edit Activity Alert Settings”
  • Select “Enable Activity Alerts”