Money Mover v2

It’s perfectly OK to have an account somewhere else! But oftentimes, it can get confusing especially when you’re using an account you may have elsewhere to make your loan payment at the credit union. Great news! As an enhancement, you now have the ability to transfer funds to and from a bank you may have elsewhere with our new Money Mover feature.

To get started, simply complete the application online. We'll also need to collect supporting documents to verify that you're an authorized owner at the other account. If you’re unable to complete an application online, you may download the application and drop it off at a branch.


Online Application    Download Application


Please give us 24-48 hours to process your request after receiving your completed application.  Once we've authenticated your ownership at the other account, you'll see the external account as an available source to transfer to/from your account on the Transfer Money option on eBanking (and the Mobile App). You can schedule a one-time transfer and/or recurring transfers. Once you submit a transfer request, here are key things to expect:

  • Funds are generally available in 3-5 business days if you’re transferring funds to your account. 
  • Funds will be immediately debited if you’re transferring funds from your account.
  • Individual transfer limits may apply (maximum transfer amount of $2,500/per day)
  • Once submitted, we are unable to cancel any transfer requests. Just remember, verify the information before you click on "submit".