Our Card is Ready for 2023 Holiday Season

Credit Card Shopping

We’re getting ready for the holidays (aka, one of the most costly times of the year)! And we’ve adjusted the rate on our credit card for all cardholders (new and existing) to provide the financial flexibility that will come in clutch for the season. That’s right, when you use your Platinum Visa Credit Card, your purchases between October 16, 2023 – December 31, 2023 will qualify for a what we refer to as our merrier rate of 5.99%! And best of all, you’ll have until December of 2025 to enjoy the discounted rate on any unpaid balance before it reverts to your normal rate.

  • 5.99% APR on new purchases*
  • 5.99% APR on balance transfer, with no annoying processing fees*
  • Transaction must post between October 16, 2023 – December 31, 2023*
  • 25-day grace period for purchases

Type (Disclosure)Term APR*
Additional Considerations
Platinum VISARevolving 8.50%New cards may qualify for a rate as low as 5.99% APR for 12 months
Balance Transfer8.50%
Secured Credit CardRevolving18.00%

*New transactions (purchase and balance transfer) posting your account between 10/16/2023 – 12/31/2023 will qualify for a promotional rate of 5.99% APR. Promotional rate will apply on outstanding balance until December 31, 2024. Afterward, the standard rate (ranging from 8.50% to 18.00%) will be in effect. Any new charges on your account with an outstanding balance will incur finance charges without a grace period. To avoid these charges, make sure to pay your entire balance by the due date on your monthly statement. Cash advance or cash like transactions do not qualify. Participating in programs like Debt Protection has no bearing on underwriting decisions.