Share the Wealth of Membership

We’re a cooperative established in 1939 by a group of employees at Los Angeles City School District, which is now known as Los Angeled Unified Schools District (LAUSD). Schools Federal Credit Union is owned and controlled by our members. Unlike most financial institutions, your credit union is genuinely in it for you AND not for profit. Most of our accounts are free of monthly service charges, preferred dividend rates on deposited funds, along with enhanced accessibility using remote channels, such as online banking and our enhanced surcharge-free ATMs. Here are just some accounts designed to help you with your day-to-day banking needs:

We’re also known for the several loan programs we have for your borrowing needs. In fact, our loan rates are one of the lowest (if not the lowest) available. Whether you’re looking for a credit card, consolidation, an auto loan, or even a mortgage, rest assured that each program was created with your savings in mind. 

Today’s goal is the same as when we were founded in 1939: to provide the membership and the community we serve with discounted financial services. With this in mind, don’t keep us a secret! Refer your family members and colleagues at work to join in on the savings! Once they become a member, they’ll be part of us! They’ll be part of a group with access to discounted financial services.