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Our auto loan rates and program options are unmatched! Whether if you’re looking to buy a new or used car, or refinance a loan you may have elsewhere, we have the perfect solution for you.

  • Competitive Rates, if not the lowest
  • Option to be Summer Free (see below)
  • Same day loan approvals
  • 100% financing
  • Discounted protection plans
    • Mechanical Breakdown Protection (see below)
    • Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) (see below)
    • Debt Protection (see below)

Auto Refinance 

We don’t like paying more than we have to, and you shouldn’t either. Simply tell us what kind of car you’re driving, who you’re paying, what you’re paying, and your rate. From there, we’ll calculate your savings.

Summer Free Auto Loan

If you’re a school employee, we don’t think you should have to worry about making your car payments during the summer months. For qualified auto loans, you have to option to defer your payments for two months: July and August, or August and September.

First Time Buyer

First Time Buyer Rates

Have limited to no credit history? Are you able to make monthly payments towards an auto loan? We can help! A good rule of thumb is that your monthly auto loan payment does not exceed 20% of your monthly gross income.

We also have some amazing add-on products and protection for your loan and your vehicle. Check it out!

In House Auto Buying Program

In House Auto Buying Program

We know how tedious the car buying experience can be. Different dealerships will offer different prices for the same car. And if you don’t do your research, you may end up paying more than you have to. We offer a free unbiased auto buying experience. Simply tell us what car you’re looking for and any specific features. Our knowledgeable team will do the shopping for you.

Vehicle Valuation

To check the value of the car you’d like to buy, or use as collateral for cash, obtain the Kelly Blue Book value by visiting As a good rule of thumb, your loan amount should never exceed its value.

Auto Loan Rates

Rates current as of and subject to change.
Loan Type1TermAPR2
New or Used Vehicle, 100% Financing     36 months 1.99%
  48 months 2.29%
  60 months 2.29%
  72 months 3.24%
  84 months 3.99%
New or Used Vehicle, 80% Financing      36 months 1.99%
  48 months  2.29% 
  60 months  2.29% 
  72 months  2.74%
  84 months  3.24%
New 1st Time Car Buyer   up to 60 mos 3.74%
  72 months  3.99%
Used 1st Time Car Buyer   up to 60 mos  3.99%
  72 months  4.24%


Loan Type1TermAPR2
Recreational Vehicle (new) 85% LTV 48 months 6.00%
  60 months 7.00%
  72 months 8.00%
  84-120 months 9.00%
Recreational Vehicle (used) 85% LTV 48 months 7.25%
  60 months 8.25%
  72 months 9.25%
  84-120 months 10.25%


Loan Type1TermAPR2
New Motorcycle - 85% LTV 48 months 7.00%
  60 months 7.50%
  72 months 8.00%
Used Motorcycle - 80% LTV 48 months 7.00%
  60 months 7.50%
  72 months 8.00%

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Terms and conditions

1Auto loan rates include the following discounts: .25% with direct deposit, .25% with auto pay from a SFCU checking account. Rates listed are the lowest possible rates offered. Actual rate awarded will be based on the borrower's credit qualifications and loan characteristics. Rates are subject to change without notice. All loan rates are subject to change without notice.

2APR=Annual Percentage Rate. All rates subject to change without notice. Individual APRs based on credit score, loan term, loan-to-value (on secured loans).

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